Carl and his team at God Fearing Brothers have provided us excellent service time and time again. On more than one occasion, they’ve gone out of their way to save us from dire situations and keep our business rolling. This is my first online review and I could not recommend them highly enough. — Kira

Always friendly service, the right fix, and the right price. I’ve had all of our vehicles worked on here and one of them towed by their wrecker service. Company employees and management work diligently to take care of every customer and their individual needs. I am always impressed by how quickly they work and get everything right the first time. I’ve never had to return to have the same problem fixed again. — Joshua

Brought my truck in to get headlights installed that I couldn’t figure out. It came down to being an issue that only a dealer can fix. But they were great about it, and they found out why they were not working properly. Also, they were very fair with pricing. Will for sure be using them again. — Scott

My husband locked the keys in our car a while back and they were fast and efficient. They’ve also towed some of our cars before when broken down. I would recommend them anytime. Thank you. — Crystal

We had a tire issue after a day of skiing at the mountain. We were tired and cold and they gave us a very warm welcome and were able to fix the problem and have us on our way in no time at all. So thankful we found them and would recommend their services to anyone in need of a friendly and fair mechanic! — Katie

I have used this company for 5 years. They are reputable and respected. They give you an estimate of work to be done and a time to be completed. If anything comes up that is not included in there estimate they tell you what it is and the cost to do it. They are friendly and greet you with a smile. Their prices are competitive with other repair facilities in the area. I encourage you to give them a try. — David

Lost alternator on pickup, while towing a horse trailer. We were broke down in the middle of the road with little cell service and no hazard lights. Called GFB at 11pm. He towed us back to his shop and fixed the truck first thing in the morning. Had us back on the road by 10am the following morning. Great service and great people. — Zach


My family was on a hunting trip and one of our vehicles was having a check engine light on. We took it there and they fixed the problem right away. We even thought if other services were needed and they said no. Very honest, the cost was extremely reasonable. — Dizzy

I like this guy he was a good guy a great mechanic and straightforward. He did an honest job and charged me an honest price. I definitely would recommend!!! — Duane

I rolled my car into a field on I-395. In deep snow. James got out to the scene, before law enforcement was there yet even! He had my car out of that field, on its wheels again and loaded on his truck in no time. And the next day when I went to get my things the lady at the counter was very friendly. — Amy

If I could give these guys more than five stars, I would. I was stuck in a situation that was both terrifying and confusing, Carl came to my rescue and helped tow my car to his shop. Derek and Carl stayed after hours (they close at 5:30, I left at 7:00) to find out what was wrong with my car. They were compassionate, understanding and very knowledgeable when explaining to me what had happened. I was worried about not having any transportation to get to Spokane to pick up my children, and I had no way to get there since my car had to be kept at the shop over the weekend for repairs. Carl let me borrow one of their cars that are for sale in their car lot (he offered – I had not even though about it) and told me that I could keep it for the weekend so I could take care of my kids. I have never experienced such wonderful customer service! They will check your oil and fill up your tires for free. No longer will I go to high priced places to get ANYTHING done on my car. I am now a customer for life. I was in such a tough predicament, and Derek and Carl made me smile and laugh by the time I left. You will not regret choosing them! God bless the God Fearing Brothers. — Callie

From the customer service, to the very intelligent mechanic(s). These guys are more experienced, and helpful than MANY other establishments to date. The receptionist was so very sweet to me, the mechanics even went OUT of their way to help me out and fix my vehicle, even though they did not have too. They EVEN helped me out with my towing expenses too, this company deserves more than 5 stars. An exceptional family, with a loving/caring attitude towards their customers. simply put, they are AMAZING, and I will recommend them to anybody, even my own family! — Chillz